Lombardo’s Market still in first place in Yatesville Bocce League


YATESVILLE —The boys in Lombardo’s Market are still in first place, but the way it looks they won’t be there for long as Dyller Law Firm won six matches in a row this week.

Dyller Law Firm was short-handed this week with only its two ace players, which meant the team had to start minus four in each of its three matches. Dyller overcame the deficit scoring 16 points instead of the usual 12 points to win its games.

“Big” Guy DePascale leads his team each week with some great play calling and sharp shooting.


Lombardo’s Market, 8-2, 112 points

Dyller Law Firm, 8-3, 118

Blandina Apartments, 7-4, 110

JetSurge Power Cleaning, 7-4, 99

Atlas Realty, 5-6, 102

Bassler Equipment, 5-6, 93

Colarusso’s Restaurant, 3-7, 85

Roberts’ Repairs, 3-8, 90

Old Forge Chiropractor, 2-8, 85