PA students learn about Dr. Seuss

June 27th, 2015 1:36 am

First Posted: 3/21/2013

During the month of February, students in Ms. Lauren Chromey’s class at the Pittston Area Kindergarten Center prepared for Dr. Seuss’ birthday through many fun and educational activities. The students listened to a different Dr. Seuss book every day and then used their math skills by graphing their favorites. They discussed which received the most and least votes. They also completed tw different Kid Writing assignments. One was titled “Oh the Thinks you can Think” – after a popular Dr. Seuss book – where the children were able to use their creativity through drawing and writing. The second was a short description of their favorite Dr. Seuss book and why. The children read a poem dedicated to Dr. Seuss and sang Happy Birthday to him.

The entire school celebrated by having green eggs and ham for breakfast as well as a birthday cookie at lunch, which was provided by the school cafeteria. There was also a special appearance by the Grinch. From left, first row, David Weitz, Adrianna Rivera, Travis Frahn, Addison Horensky, Alex Norris, Jada Cox, Blake Rakochy. Second row, Logan Laskowski, Thomas Rosencrans, Alyssa good, Ryan Jones, Madison Schott, Lucas O’Dell, Laniece Decker. Third row, Mrs. Dianne Klush, Landyn Filipowich, Samuel Hankey, Jessica Omens, Shelbi Emlaw, Ms. Lauren Chromey. Absent from photo are Jazmine Hernandez, Alexis Kaslavage, Santina Saraka, Nikklas Pierce, Gianna Bilardi and Karinne Podwika.