Peeking into the Past: Judge’s generous decision raises ire of Pittston policeman

1947 – 71 YEARS AGO Seven-year-old West Pittston lad Edgar Bennett decided to take matters into his own hands by addressing the West Pittston Borough Council in regard to the lack of a playground in the borough. After he and a few of his playmates broke a window in his neighborhood, Bennett decided that a […]

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Rosanne Szymanski honored for ten years of hospice volunteering

DALLAS — Rosanne Szymanski’s weekly routine has been the same for 10 years. During the week, the Duryea resident crunches numbers as the accounts payable manager at Frontier Communications in Dallas. One day a week she stops at ManorCare Health Services in Kingston and spends several hours visiting with hospice patients. “I really feel that […]

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Life Deconstructed: Irritable bowel syndrome a new source of agony

Warning: the following descriptions and mental imagery may not be suitable for some readers. Peruse at your own risk. The topic of this week’s column? Poop. I can’t help it; I write what I know. And since Dec. 31, I have known more poop than the San Diego Zoo. I have irritable bowel syndrome, or […]

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Nutrition Corner: Save money on spring cleaning this season

Welcome spring. Well, that’s what the calendar says anyway. With spring, hopefully, comes opened windows, more light in the house and, unfortunately, the undiscovered dust from the cold dark winter days. Good news, cleaning supplies do not need to be expensive. In fact, common and safe household ingredients such as plain soap, baking soda and […]

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Man on the street: ‘How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?”

“At the Friendly Sons Women’s breakfast with my mom and grandma.” Hannah Joyce Jenkins “By playing basketball for Scranton Prep in the PIAA Tournament and praying for a win.” Holly Daveski Laflin “I go out to eat with my family and enjoy the holiday.” Walter Coles Avoca “I stay away from all Irish men and […]

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Nutrition Corner: Eggs are great source of protein

It’s almost spring and Easter eggs will be out decorating the grocery store shelves. Health-conscious folks will choose the real eggs more often than the sugar-coated eggs. Why? Because eggs are a great low cost source of protein. Eggs are reasonably priced, nutritious and an excellent source of protein. One large egg contains 6 grams […]

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Peeking into the Past: River adventure turns terrifying

Question In 1964, Pittston city Police Chief Joseph Delaney promised a crackdown on what group of individuals, claiming they were engaged in questionable activities occurring on Main Street in the late night and early morning hours? 1952 – 66 YEARS AGO Sgt. Merle Levey, of West Pittston, was chosen Airman of the Month at National […]

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Nutrition Corner: March 20th is National Ag Day

Do you know where your food comes from? During the summer months, you may get to meet the growers of produce if you visit one of the many farmers market, but how about now? That is one of the primary focus for March 20, National Ag Day. National Ag Day falls during National Ag Week, […]

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Peeking into the Past: Pittston area students take on legislators

Question John C. Kehoe, publisher of the Sunday Dispatch, loved traveling to Orlando, Florida every year for a winter respite. But he also loved something he could participate in there that was prohibited in Pennsylvania. What was it? 1947 – 71 YEARS AGO Banks nation-wide were moving to close their doors on Saturdays, affecting many […]

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Nutrition Corner: There’s a wee bit of Irish in all of us

Everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day. Some of us may celebrate St. Patty’s Day even if we’re not Irish. Whether you plan to go to the parade or enjoy an Irish dish, both can be a healthy addition to your St Patty’s Day weekend. This is the time of year we catch short periods […]

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