Our Opinion: Safely discard pills from your house during Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

You almost certainly have some and, in fact, you almost certainly have more than you did a few years ago. Now is your chance to get rid of them without putting people – or, for that matter, fish – at risk. Saturday is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, designed as both an opportunity and a […]

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Our Opinion: West Pittston looks promising to this borough native with a knack for real estate

Stephen Gilpin looks at West Pittston and sees prosperity. The borough native, who works as a real estate consultant and coach in New York City, has become a booster for this riverfront community as it continues to rebound from September 2011’s severe flooding. He partnered with others to buy and rehab homes here, some 16 […]

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Our Opinion: Keep watchful eye on selection of next Luzerne County manager

Amid the season’s holiday pageants and TV specials, pay particularly close attention to the political drama unfolding in Luzerne County. The outcome will likely impact you and your neighbors in this county for years to come. The 11 people serving on the county council must hire a successor to Manager Robert Lawton, who announced he […]

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Our Opinion: From Greater Wilkes-Barre to Greece, ‘language of the heart’ spoken universally

Diamonds to Dallas resident Demetra Szatkowski. At 23, she’s on a self-imposed humanitarian mission to Greece, where she has been assisting refugees fleeing Syria and other Mideast nations. She expects to return to the United States in mid-December. Her story, as told to the Times Leader, serves to remind that our obligations to one another […]

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Our Opinion: Urge men in your life to get checkups and cancer screenings

During the month just ended, you might have overheard joking and jawing about facial hair. Normally clean-shaven guys, including some employed at the Times Leader, sprouted stubble in November, then began sporting beards. Others nurtured only their lip hair, styling and spinning it into elaborate mustaches. Each fuzzy face, beyond drawing double-takes from family members, […]

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Our Opinion: Will you donate during Giving Tuesday? If so, think locally

Would it be a good idea to … … put more prominence in Northeastern Pennsylvania on Giving Tuesday? In the hierarchy of post-Thanksgiving traditions, Black Friday commands all the attention, with Cyber Monday, a relative newcomer on the scene, gaining traction with shoppers who prefer to point and click rather than jostle in aisles with […]

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Our Opinion: Bring Luzerne County’s homeless in from cold

The run-up to Thanksgiving has become a popular time to remind Americans about the pervasiveness of homelessness. But we in Northeastern Pennsylvania shouldn’t need a special week reserved in November to heighten our awareness; we’re reminded almost all the time about the plight of people who, for one of many reasons, find themselves with no […]

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Our Opinion: Save grandma’s stories forever? This Thanksgiving, there’s an app for that

Would it be a good idea to … … tell your story? During the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, people – especially grandparents and elders – are encouraged to open up about their lives. And teens, as well as others, are urged to listen, record and preserve those conversations for posterity, creating a massive archive of previously […]

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Our Opinion: Praise those who display a ‘giving’ spirit at Thanksgiving – and all year through

Diamonds to people who put the “give” in Thanksgiving. To the cooks, who give of their time and talents to prepare the feast. To family and friends, who give of themselves to travel to the appointed holiday destination, to connect and to listen. To volunteers, who donate their hours to serve food and nourish spirits. […]

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Our Opinion: Susquehanna’s North Branch belongs in ‘River of the Year’ contention

Some people can’t stomach the thought of the Susquehanna River’s North Branch being recognized as Pennsylvania’s “2016 River of the Year.” No sooner had the water body that slices through the Wyoming Valley’s core been announced as a nominee for the title than critics began harping: It’s putrid. The fish within it are sickly. I […]

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