PPL Electric Utilities performs stage show at Pittston Area Primary Center

- Submitted photo

PPL Electric Utilities recently presented “Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit,” a kid-friendly stage show that can save lives, to students at the Martin F. Quinn Elementary Center. The program is part of PPL’s plan to teach student how to stay safe around electricity. The show was performed by professional actors from the National Theatre for Children, a nonprofit organization that provides educational programs to school students. From left, first row, are Hayleigh Kennedy, Jackson Lyman, Charlee Reiss, Parker Jones, Chole Hutchins, Gavin Williams, Jared Jones, Dylan Mlaker, Alexander Froncek. Second row, Brooke Bungardy, Khloe Jo Hejnicki, Alli Cunduff, Alexa Drozginski, Frank Domoracki, Keith Helbing, Avianna DeGennaro, Vegas James, Silas Perez. Third row, John Hindmarsh; school security officer; Jordan Leggett; National Theatre for Children; Alana Roberts, PPL Electric Utilites; Ashley Chesler, National Theatre for Children; Maria Burns, school educational assistant.

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