Sixth-grade students from Holy Rosary School in Duryea celebrate Pi Day

- Submitted photo

The sixth-grade class of Holy Rosary School celebrated Pi Day with various games and activities. Sporting their Pi Day t-shirts designed by classmate Isabelle Granteed, the students enjoyed learning about circles and the irrational number 3.14. From left, first row, are Isabella Granteed, Paul Stevenson, Patrick Cosgrove. Second row, Rowan Lazevnick, Danilo Giordina, Liam Lazecki, Nicholas Borgia, Matthew Volpitta. Third row, Angelina Corridoni, Abigail Miller, Coran Twomey, James Mattucci, Jacob Carden. Fourth row, Mrs. Maureen Conlon and Mrs. Betsy Kozak, Math faculty. photo