Peeking into the Past: Senior girls couldn’t find a Li’l Abner

1948 – 69 YEARS AGO After 42 years of practice, Dr. H.J. Lenahan was moving from his offices at 10 Charles St. after selling his former office building to the Bell Telephone Company. Lenahan began his practice in Pittston in 1906 and was credited with delivering enough babies that banded together “would make a good-sized […]

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Man on the street: ‘What do you like least about winter?’

“It’s cold.” Brook Bulford Pittston “Getting out of the shower.” Jackson Rubino Pittston “When the superintendent doesn’t call school off.” Selena Rubino Pittston “When you take a shower and you go the bus stop and your hair is freezing.” Jasimine Zurenda Pittston “When it’s freezing and the bus comes late.” David Bulford Pittston “It’s hard […]

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Nutrition Corner: Stay healthy through holidays with these simple tricks

Ah, choo… and the sounds have begun. With the holidays around the corner, who wants to be sick? According to the Center for Disease Control, handwashing is like a vaccine. Germs are not visible to the naked eye so it is easy to pick up a bunch and not even know it. Shopping, standing in […]

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Peeking into the Past: Japanese pilots shot at American flag

Question: In 1947, Pittston residents threatened to dump what item at the mayor’s office door? 1947 – 70 YEARS AGO Pittston Toy Manufacturing Company located on Cron Street advertised a factory close-out on velocipedes. A velocipede is described as, “a vehicle, usually having two or three wheels, that is propelled by the rider.” With only […]

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Man on the street: ‘Will you spend more or less on Christmas gifts this year than last year?’

“About the same.” Cassie Sypulski Harding “Probably going to spend about the same.” Enrico Bartolini II Plains “More. I have two grandsons and they’re asking for things so Grandma is going to buy them.” Lorraine Marancik West Wyoming “Less. Wedding bills are expensive.” Rob Lemoncelli Pittston “Less because I’m getting married.” Sarah Royse Swoyersville “More. […]

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Nutrition Corner: Holiday cookie gift trays are easy to make

It’s the holiday season. ‘Tis the season to think of gift giving and that perfect gift and stay within your budget. If you have children, the gift list gets even longer with teachers, Sunday school teachers and friends. Here is help for that hard-to-buy-for person. You and your child can make easy holiday cookie gift […]

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Pittston City Children’s Christmas Party set for Dec. 17

PITTSTON — The Pittston City Children’s Christmas Party will be held Sunday Dec. 17 at the Pittston City Fire Station, 20 Kennedy St. All children up to 12 years of age who reside in Pittston are welcome. Santa will arrive by fire truck at 1 p.m. All children will receive a gift. Parents are encouraged […]

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Man on the street: ‘What do you like best about winter?’

“Christmas! I love Christmas so much. To me, that’s what winter represents.” Rylee Marotto Duryea “The truth is I hate winter. I’m moving back to Arizona once I retire.” Dave Jiunta West Wyoming “I like the way the snow looks, and I like being able to wear lots of blankets.” Delaney Kutchkus Duryea “Basketball season […]

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Nutrition Corner: Have a family dinner on Dec. 3

Dine in Day, Dec. 3rd, was initiated by the American Association of Family Consumer Science. Why? Besides increasing the nutritional value of you and your child’s dinners, eating together has other benefits as well. Research has shown that when families eat together three or more meals a week, children, including teens have lower levels of […]

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Eye Care Specialists holds ‘Drive Through Coat Drive’ Wednesday

KINGSTON – Eye Care Specialists, Rutter Avenue, is conducting its Drive-Through Coat Drive from 4:30 to 7 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 30. Ryan Leckey of WNEP-TV will be at the Rutter Avenue location during those hours; however, donors do not have to appear on television. Take a look in your closets tonight and see if you […]

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