My Corner, Your Corner: Quotes are part of writer’s shtick

At the end of my weekly column, I always offer quotes, something I’ve been doing since 1999 when I wrote my very first column. I can’t tell you how many times people have stopped me in the last 19 years to tell me how much they love reading the quotes. What I’ve strived to do […]

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Peeking into the Past: Beatles garner mixed revues

1950 – 68 YEARS AGO Fred A. Ramage, cashier at the Liberty National Bank in Pittston, announced a new service for customers. A check imprinter manufactured by the Todd Company of Rochester, New York made it possible for customers to have personal checks printed in-house with their name and address free of charge and bound […]

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My Corner, Your Corner: Get ready for Pittston’s St. Patrick’s Parade

Get set, Pittston. You are less than three weeks away from downtown’s first event of the year – the St. Patrick’s Parade to be held at noon on Saturday, March 3. I checked in with Sarah Donahue, Pittston’s special events coordinator and the city’s best-known cheerleader, on the upcoming parade. When you talk to her, […]

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YATESVILLE – Wyoming Area’s superior bench strength was the biggest difference in the game when the Lady Warriors defeated Pittston Area, 57-43, in Monday’s Wyoming Valley Conference Division 1-2 crossover girls basketball game. In a comparison of benches, the Lady Warriors had statistical advantages of 26-7 in points scored, 9-4 in rebounds, 8-1 in steals […]

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My Corner, Your Corner: How long do West Pittston residents have to worry?

It’s been 10 days since West Pittston dodged the proverbial bullet, but is the coast clear? It’s too early in the winter to predict what will happen weather wise but with tons of ice still clinging on to the river shoreline; we can only hope for the best. When you observe both the Pittston and […]

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70th Anniversary Edition: Although different, Sunday Dispatch is still here

Seventy years old – wow! That’s a long time to produce a newspaper. Yet, here it is, 2018 and you can still find the Sunday Dispatch on newsstands. John C. Kehoe Jr., the initial publisher and owner of the Dispatch, said in the first edition, “Your Sunday Dispatch will appear on the newsstands every Sunday. […]

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70th Anniversary Edition: Growing up with the Dispatch

Like most folks, I sign on to social media while my morning coffee is brewing. On one recent morning, there was a message from Dotty Martin waiting for my attention. She wanted to know if I would be willing to write a column for the 70th anniversary of the Dispatch. I read the message, fetched […]

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Beyond the Byline: How communication has changed

The other day my incredible cute cat Tabitha climbed into the dryer while I was doing laundry, making herself comfortable in the midst of a load of towels. My immediate thought was to video call my son Zachary, who is attending college in Florida. Not only was Zachary able to see Tabitha cuddling up to […]

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Man on the street: ‘What is your favorite food to eat in the winter?’

“Steak, because I really enjoy steak.” Dylan Homolash Duryea “I eat the same food all year round, so I would have to say pizza.” Kyle McAndrew Avoca “Mommy’s homemade mangu because it reminds me of home.” Ricardo Mejia Avoca “A nice bowl of hot, homemade soup.” Samantha Distasio Avoca “Macaroni and cheese from Panera Bread […]

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My Corner, Your Corner: The joy of having family together again

The old saying goes, “If you don’t have family, what do you have?” Years ago, people didn’t move around the country like they do now. You were born, raised and died in the very same town. College wasn’t much of an option because it was too expensive. So you stayed close to home, fell in […]

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