Your view: Oppose radar/lidar for local police departments

I urge all state senators and representatives to vigorously oppose SB 279 and SB 251, which will allow local police departments to use radar and lidar. Enacting these bills will spawn a huge increase in speed traps in cash-strapped municipalities desperate for more money at the expense of real highway safety. Ninety percent of the […]

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Your view: Some songs for the inauguration

The editorial cartoon for Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017, depicting the Red Army choir singing at President Trump’s inauguration struck a chord in my memory bank of melodies. Perhaps the choir will sing the Russian navy song: “Red Sails in the Sunset” or the choir will change “Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing, Tweet, Tweet, […]

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Your voice: Tired of paying taxes

Taxes, taxes, and more taxes. Why should I keep paying? The new year has not even come, and I am being taxed again. Now, can someone answer me this question? Come Jan. 20, 2017, we will have a new president, Donald Trump. Trump has not paid his taxes, claiming he was smart enough to know […]

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Your voice: Country needs to turn back to God

Reading the article last Sunday “Changes in American religion” by James A. Haught reminds me of reading Time Magazine in my high school library stating, “God is Dead.” I know you don’t “shoot the messenger,” but that was a wake-up call. Twenty-five percent of Americans have no religion. That is higher than any religion in […]

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Your voice: Left-wingers showing their hypocrisy

Left-wingers showing their hypocrisy President Obama has stated: “Because when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people’s mind about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. Then you are doing the work of our adversaries for them.” Hillary Clinton has stated: “We’ve been around for 240 years. We’ve had free […]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader offers reasons for Clinton defeat

Dear Editor: Why did Hillary Clinton lose the election? When being interviewed, the governor of a neighboring state told his grandmother how many things he wanted for his state. His grandmother said, “Pray to Jesus and he will hear you.” The governor said, “I pray to Jesus many times and He doesn’t hear me.” His […]

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Letter to the Editor: The Yatesville Bocce League announces winner, thanks sponsors

Dear Editor: JetSurge Power Cleaning and Windows won the Yatesville Bocce League Championship. The league finals turned out to be a family affair, pitting Guy DePascale Sr. against his son, Guy Jr. In the best of five format, Guy DePascale Jr., Jon Campanella, Mike Dudziec and Danny Williams of JetSurge Power Cleaning defeated Guy DePascale […]

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Letter to the Editor: Duryea Rec Board thanks donors for supporting Halloween party

Editor: Members of the Duryea Rec Board would like to thank the generosity of the following organizations and/or personnel for their contributions to our very successful Halloween party held Saturday, Oct. 29: Keisinger Funeral Home, Montage Mountain Homes, Bob Bejeski, George Colburn Repairs, Bimbo’s Bakery, Tomato Heads, Lois Hanczyc, Wendy Radle, Kathy Polak, Ellen Velehoski, […]

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Letter to the Editor: Family of late Avoca Councilman Tom Fritz thanks community for recent benefit

Dear Editor, There are no words great or eloquent enough that can thank all of our family, friends, and the Avoca community for the outpouring of support for our family over these past few difficult months. I would tell Tom how we were showered with love, support, prayers, and food, during the several months that […]

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Letter to the Editor: Bartoli family appreciates Pittston Area community

Dear Editor: Eighteen years ago, a little girl named Ellie was born. We learned Ellie wasn’t going to be like everyone else. People told us her life would be different. Last Friday night, we realized how different her life really is. Two weeks ago, Ellie quickly learned that she was voted onto Pittston Area’s 2016 […]

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