70th Anniversary Edition: Kehoe Against McCanna Appointment


(Editor’s note: This story first appeared in the Feb. 16, 1947 edition of the Sunday Dispatch.)

The following letter was received by the Sunday Dispatch from John C. Kehoe Jr., who is now in Florida, and has to do with the appointment of Joseph P. McCanna, Market street, as Postmaster in Pittston to succeed James P. Gibbons, retired.

“Have just received word of appointment of McCanna as postmaster in Pittston. I wish to state that I was much surprised that Gibbons retired without letting me know that he was resigning.

I was responsible for Mr. Gibbons’ appointment as postmaster a number of years ago, notwithstanding that we had a Republican Congressman who appointed him at my request. “Sanbo” Langan fought him very hard, trying to have Oscar Renfer, a Republican, appointed.

I think it is a disgrace to have a man like “Bowsie” McCanna appointed to the position of Postmaster.

Aside from the fact that he is not qualified for the post, McCanna is not a true Democrat. He opposed the lecture of labor’s candidate, the late Hon. John J. Casey and other good Democrats. He also opposed former Mayor John J. Reilly and all the candidates on the Democratic ticket six years ago. He supported Langan’s Republican candidates.

You can readily see that McCanna received the backing of the mustached Judge, who is also not a real Democrat. He, his brother, Frank and Patrick, were registered Republican as the records will show. This was before the mustached Judge became a candidate for Congress. I hope you can well remember when Flannerty was appointed Assistant District Attorney under Thomas Lewis, the District Attorney. So I hope you realize that a true Democrat gets no consideration under a new dealer.

I hope you can recall the rotten and scurvy treatment that was received by the old line Democrats when Mr. Mundy was in power. He and his followers, Peter Margie and James Law were responsible for same. So, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. He gave them a dose of their own dirty medicine last election. I hope that the old line Democrats will continue giving them what is coming to them, a dose of their own dirty medicine. I know I will as long as water runs and grass grows, which I hope will be for many years.

As I feel now, enjoying the ocean breeze and the beautiful Florida sunshine which helps my rheumatism considerably, I will be able to live for many years. I know many times they put out the propaganda that I was either dead or dying. They did not get their wish then and they are not going to get it now as I am going to do everything possible to preserve my health as I would like to write some newspaper articles to show up these rascals in their true color. Any man who is willing to stand for what is right and for the interest of the taxpayers is opposed by them. All they care about is their own selfish interest. Some of them have been fed at the political trough for years. I call them political bums.

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