70th Anniversary Edition: Joint Board Proposes $15,000 Loan to Buy School Building


(Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the Feb. 9, 1947 edition of the Sunday Dispatch)

Indicating that the Greater Pittston Vocational School Board is a permanent fixture, representatives of the various associated school districts, at several conferences, have been paving the way for the purchase of the Isadore Levine building on Tunnel street. The purchase price is $15,000.

Thomas Lavelle, of Avoca, and chairman of the Joint board Thomas Hennigan initiated the purchase plan after Wilbur F. Beadle, business manager of the school, presented plans for a mine machinists course.

Presently the joint school board is expending $250 a month rental, or a total of $3,000 yearly, of the Levine building, which houses the vocational school. Chairman Hennigan explains that a $15,000 loan can be made with the local banks, with interest payments totaling $600 each year. In addition, other money would be set aside by the joint board so that the bank loan, if it should be made, can be liquidated within five years. The board, according to the proponents of purchase, will have spent no more during the five year period of paying rentals, yet at the end of five years, the joint board would own the structure now being rented.

In speaking of acquiring the school, directors point out that the Vocational school was created under a long range plan. Students at the various schools will be given an opportunity to learn a trade after the present G.I, program has been filled.

The mine machinists course, as explained by Beadle, will receive the assistance of 12 area coal operators, each of whom will contribute $1,000 toward the establishment of the course. A building costing $10,000 would be erected on land adjoining the present Vocational school to house the mine machinery. The matter was tabled pending the purchase of the building now occupied.

The procedure for making the loan to buy the Levine building is now being followed by the various boards. Each of the nine districts forming the Joint Vocation School district, are required to give approval of the negotiating of the loan before officers of the joint board can proceed with the purchase.

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