Wyoming Area Scholarship Program will celebrate 10th year in 2019


Wyoming Area Scholarship program will celebrate 10 years of giving in May 2019. The program is seeking scholarships for this occasion. To date, five interested groups have contacted the school regarding offering scholarships for the first time in 2019.

This past year, 55 WA graduating seniors, in addition to six Wyoming Area graduates, enrolled at Wilkes University as part of the Ruth Boorom Melberger Scholarship which awarded in excess of $196,000. A goal set last year for the 10th anniversary was to award at least $200,000 for the 10th anniversary.

For this occasion, the scholarship program, in addition to new regular ongoing scholarships, will accept one-time awards to be given at the 10th scholarship program May 23 in the high school gym.

Anyone interested in offering a new scholarship of any kind is asked to call Mrs. Rabel at 570-655-2836, extension 2339.