Letter to the Editor: Wyoming resident pens letter in regards to 1967 Wyoming Area jointure

August 17th, 2017 10:45 am

Dear Editor:

I am saddened that, after 50 years some are still throwing negative and misleading information regarding the 1967 Wyoming Area jointure. I have read three publications that described West Pittston as being superior to Wyoming, Exeter and West Wyoming.

The first remark I would like to address is that West Pittston had all the money and the joining towns were poor. The joining towns were smaller, but not poor. If you disagree, provide proof. Please try to remember we were consolidated and not taken over as interpreted by former West Pittston students.

The second remark was West Pittston had the best school. The West Pittston High School was the largest, but to mimic President Donald Trump, it was “a dump.” Wyoming had the newest school.

The third remark mentioned was West Pittston had the best teachers and the students from the other towns thought they were mean. Not true, we thought they were biased and prejudiced against students not from West Pittston.

The 60 students who sat in the auditorium until November did so because no one cared where they were. Sixty kids make a lot of noise. They knew.

I am glad the district has improved immensely since then, however, when you continue to publish bias and degrading remarks, you keep the fire lit.

Some of the joining schools have decided to have their own 50-year reunions. Who could blame them? They are not lost, pushed aside victims. They are survivors who decided to stick together. Since some choose to degrade us as is we are victims, then they must be the perps.

All the issues that were decided upon in favor of West Pittston now amuse me.

There is redemption in karma, look around.

Cynthia Hizynski

A proud 1967 WAHS graduate