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I’m always up for a good human interest story and it’s nice when I can share that story with the public.

I received a message recently about a person who has achieved a great deal in life and was born and raised right here in Greater Pittston. After doing some research on this individual, I was impressed with what I read and looking forward to speaking to him.

Scott Giberson, a West Wyoming native and a 1987 graduate of Wyoming Area, has a very impressive resume.

I’ve been around a long time and thought I knew a lot of folks in greater Pittston, but this name is one that didn’t sound familiar and, for as stellar of a career as Scott has had, he has been completely off my radar.

I had a chance to connect with Scott via phone and, when our 30-minute call concluded, it felt like I had known him a very long time. He knows so many people I know, including teachers I had in high school like Bill Schalles, who happens to be a great guy, teacher, coach and mentor to many.

Scott mentioned a lot of places in and around greater Pittston and said he played three different sports as a student/athlete in high school, including football, baseball and basketball.

Why have I not known such an upstanding guy? Beats me, but I’m glad I know him now.

Scott Giberson is Rear Admiral (U) Scott Giberson, two-star, of the United States Navy. The “U” stands for upper-half. I received a bit of an education regarding admiral levels.

Rear Admiral (RADM) Giberson is currently serving as an Assistant U.S. Surgeon General and he’s in his 24th year serving our country.

Scott’s college career didn’t start off with military aspirations; he wanted to do something in the medical field while attending The University of Scranton before transferring to Temple University, declaring pharmacy as his major.

Scott’s life changed dramatically while he was attending college and his career decision was altered. “My dad passed away when I was in college and I actually preferred, at that time, to go to pharmacy school,” Scott said. His dad Del was an outstanding athlete at West Wyoming High School and then at Wilkes College playing quarterback. After graduation, Del taught chemistry in the Lake-Lehman School District.

Upon receiving his pharmacy degree in 1993, Scott gravitated toward uniformed service, the Navy in particular, focusing on clinical pharmacy.

He received several degrees, all while in the service, including a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts, which became helpful later in his career.

Over his career, Scott has served all over the U.S., was deployed overseas and, in 2010, he became Rear Admiral.

Today, Scott serves as Deputy Director of Human Capital at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in Baltimore, MD.

Prior to his current position, he was a senior advisor to the Office of the Surgeon General (2015), acting Deputy Surgeon General of the U.S. (2013-2015), the first Director of the new Commissioned Corps Headquarters (2011-2015), overall Commander of Commissioned Corps Ebola Response in West Africa (2014-2015), Chief Professional Officer, Pharmacy category supporting over 1500 Public Health Service pharmacists nationwide (2010-2014).

In a 2013, Lipscomb University of Pharmacy and Health Sciences referred to Scott as the “nation’s top-ranking pharmacist.” That’s pretty incredible, considering how many pharmacists there are in the U.S.

Scott’s life is full and busy and you can see why I was so impressed. He tells me most of his days are filled with meetings. “I don’t get to do the fun stuff anymore,” he said.

Scott has done some public speaking in our area, having spoken at the 2016 spring semester graduation at Misericordia University. Yesterday, RADM Giberson was the commencement speaker at Wilkes University, coincidentally, on Armed Forces Day.

Looking back at his days at Wyoming Area, Scott admits Eileen Palmer, his former chemistry teacher, was an influence, becoming one of his favorite teachers, as were Tony Capitano and Bill Schalles.

At 49 years old, he is looking to wind down his military career and has three more years in the Navy until retirement. He referred to the end of his career as the sunset tour.

He and his wife of 18 years Lynette, whom he met while stationed in New Mexico, will enjoy watching their only child Payton finish out his high school lacrosse career before attending the University of Maryland where he has committed to play lacrosse.

Scott and Lynette plan to settle in Florida when retired where he will focus on a career in consulting, public speaking focusing on leadership and possibly coaching sports.

Scott does get back to West Wyoming every few months to visit his mom Carmella and stepdad, Bob Nardone, along with staying in touch with high school friends like Scott Schalles.

I was so glad I received the tip to connect with Scott and I couldn’t be any more proud, knowing one of our own has had such an outstanding career. I could tell in his voice that he’s proud to be a product of our area and I know he has represented all of us with his head held high.

Thank you for your service, RADM Scott F. Giberson.

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