Dyller Law Firm snags first place in Yatesville Bocce League


YATESVILLE —Dyller Law Firm takes over first place by winning both of its matches in Yatesville Bocce League play this week.

The team is led by “Big” Guy DePascale, Barry Dyller, Dino Rodeghiero and Paul Gattuso.

Even though Dyller Law Firm is in first place this week, the real star of this week’s matches was Tony Russo Jr., who led his team to a great win.


Dyller Law Firm, 12-4, 175 points

Lombardo’s Market, 12-4, 171

JetSurge Power Cleaning, 10-6, 148

Blandina Apartments, 8-8, 148

Atlas Realty, 7-9, 150

Bassler Equipment, 7-8, 134

Colarusso’s Restaurant, 6-10, 147

Roberts’ Repairs, 6-10, 140

Old Forge Chiropractor, 4-12, 139