My Corner, Your Corner: Trying to salvage Thanksgiving memories

Here it is… a big week ahead. It’s a holiday week with Thanksgiving on Thursday and, for some, even a bigger holiday, Black Friday. I look forward to this holiday because it’s about family and food. My family has been dwindling away over the past few years and having a whole mess of people to […]

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Wyoming Area’s Aleah Kranson switches roles, moves from soccer to basketball

From Aleah Kranson’s view inside the two, there are many parallels in the significant rise of Wyoming Area girls sports programs in soccer and basketball the past few seasons. “There’s definitely a lot of similarities,” Kranson said. “Both programs got new coaches in the same year. Both of those coaches have worked hard to improve […]

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Yatesville Bocce League official thanks those involved in this past season

Dear Editor, Another great year of bocce has passed with JetSurge Power Cleaning winning the Yatesville Bocce League title. The league would like to thank the borough of Yatesville for the marvelous facility they use. It is the best in NEPA. The sponsors of our teams have been super. They are Lombardo’s Market, Roberts’ Repairs, […]

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Letter to the Editor: Wyoming Monument Association does not support political candidates

Dear Editor, The Wyoming Monument Association does not support any political candidate or cause. As a national historic site, we are not allowed to do so. This is for clarification purposes only. Marcella Starr President, Wyoming Monument Association http://www.psdispatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/web1_Letter-to-the-Editor-3.jpg

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My Corner, Your Corner: So much and so little to write about

Events have settled down somewhat in Greater Pittston and, as I try to formulate a column for this weekend, not a lot comes to mind. Is it writer’s block? Perhaps. Don’t get me wrong; there’s plenty to talk about with our political landscape in disarray on the national level, but really who wants to hear […]

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Yatesville resident pens poem about meeting bear

A Bear It calmly walked by several homes nearby, which only occurred one time in 39 years, as I say goodbye. Early in the morning he walked six feet away from me, and at first I thought that it was a big dog loose and free. After digesting the situation, it was a bear alright, […]

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Yatesville resident pens poem about enjoying beauty of the world

Our World It can and it’s so beautiful indeed, just look at a plant growing from seed. Waters flowing and appearing so pristine, with beautiful clouds high above, which must be seen. Even deserts have a certain aura about them, as one looks at bay. They do have cactus, animals and insects that come out […]

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My Corner, Your Corner: Another tragedy and social media is on fire

Another week has passed, another tragedy has happened and social media is abuzz with all kinds of nonsense and hatred. Let’s get something straight – 59 human beings lost their lives in Las Vegas at the hands of person who obviously had issues. As I write this, that reason has not yet been found or […]

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Beyond the Byline: More ‘sister firsts’ to come

Sometimes I feel like my life is a movie filled with more suspense, love and challenge than I could have ever imagined. For example, finding a “long lost family” after 50 years seems to be the stuff of fiction, but it did happen to me and it has been a wild ride. After finding my […]

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Letter to the Editor: Pittston City Councilman pens letter on history of Columbus Day

Dear Editor, Driven in large part by political correctness and partisan academics, it has become fashionable in recent years to criticize Christopher Columbus and the holiday named in his honor. However, unfair attacks on Columbus, past and present, should not be allowed to obscure the truth about the man, his voyage and his motives. Born […]

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