Yatesville Bocce League returns as Dyller Law Firm reclaims first place


YATESVILLE — After a week off due to the Independence Day holiday, the Yatesville Bocce League was back in full swing.

The back-and-forth between Lombardo’s Market and Dyller Law Firm continues, as Dyller once again finds itself in first place.

Atlas Realty won the week and moved into third place, as it won both of its matches without two key players. The team was carried by Dr. John and Joe Chimento.


Dyller Law Firm, 16-6, 234 points

Lombardo’s Market, 115-6, 227

Atlas Realty, 11-10, 199

JetSurge Power Cleaning, 11-10, 185

Blandina Apartments, 11-11, 207

Colarusso’s Restaurant, 9-13, 207

Bassler Equipment, 9-13, 188

Roberts’ Repairs, 8-13, 177

Old Forge Chiropractor, 6-15, 189