Bassler Equipment starts second half of season in first place in Yatesville Bocce League


YATESVILLE — The start of the second half of the season is underway, with some new leaders already emerging.

Bassler Equipment is currently in first place, thanks to its fearless leader Mark Millington, who showed some fine cobbying, along with his teammates “Calico” Chucky Giardinia and Lee Rodeghiero.

The golden bocce ball this week goes Dr. John Cacciamani.


Bassler Equipment, 2-1, 32 points

Atlas Realty, 2-1, 30

Roberts Repairs, 2-1, 29

Dyller Law Firm, 2-1, 28

Colorusso’s Restaurant, 1-1, 20

Old Forge Chiropractor, 1-1, 19

Blandina Apartments, 1-2, 29

Jet Surge Power Cleaning, 1-2, 12

Lombardo’s Market, 0-2, 14