Atlas Realty tied with Colarusso’s Cafe for first place in Yatesville Bocce League


YATESVILLE — Two teams are now on top as Atlas Realty and Colarusso’s Cafe are both tied for first place.

Atlas Realty won two matches, allowing it to pull in for the tie. With one week remaining in the regular season, every game and every point now matters.

The golden bocce ball this week goes to Dave Stetz.


Colarusso’s Cafe, 9-4, 128 points

Atlas Realty, 9-4, 147

Bassler Equipment, 8-6, 144

Lombardo’s Market, 7-6, 122

Jet Surge Power Cleaning, 6-7, 108

Blandina Apartments, 6-8, 128

Old Forge Chiropractor, 5-8, 122

Roberts Repairs, 5-8, 110

Dyller Law Firm, 5-9, 116